The place where we take refuge from the chaos of life and surround ourselves with what we love. It is where we find peace and contentment…and to-do lists.


In the world of DIY’ers, gone are the days that we budget and wait for someone else to do what we can do ourselves. We are daydreamers. We are visionaries. We are frugal. We see something done, and we ponder how we can do it for less. We want something done, and we ponder the tools we need to do it.

What does this mean for you? Haven Conference is the place to celebrate that DIY spirit. It is where DIY lovers from all over will gather together to encourage and learn from one another. You will find hands-on sessions led by some of the top DIY bloggers who will share their knowledge on subjects such as painting furniture and using power tools. For those of you desiring to learn more about blogging, there will be sessions on topics that include social media and how to monetize your blog.

Perhaps most importantly, Haven Conference will be a place for encouragement. There will be time set aside just to mingle with one another and share DIY stories. The DIY/Home blogging community is special, and we encourage you to form connections with those in it!  You are guaranteed to walk away from Haven refreshed and inspired.

We hope to see you at Haven, our DIY home away from home.


Rhoda headshot

Rhoda- Southern Hospitality
As a pioneer in the home blogging community, Rhoda is a thrifting diva who frequented second hand shops long before it was cool.  She loves sharing creativity around home projects with others and does so daily on her blog, Southern Hospitality. Considered a veteran in her niche, Rhoda began blogging in early 2007 and has successfully turned her hobby into a full-time business.  Rhoda’s passion is encouraging homemakers and instilling creativity and confidence that anyone can achieve a beautiful home on a small budget.  After attending several blog conferences and seeing the need along with her peers for a distinct home focused blog conference, Rhoda pulled together a talented team of bloggers and events planner and thus began the Haven conference experience in 2012.

Kristin- Stockdale Design
Kristin has been creating inspiring events and interiors for over 10 years. She enjoys creating and implementing every aspect of her events. She is client centered, taking time to clearly understand the needs of her clients and their guests. Kristin’s commitment to quality comes through the positive experiences had by her clients. She works closely with the Haven team in the creation, organization, design, and branding of the Haven experience, delivering a unique vision for DIY Bloggers. She is excited to be a part of this enlightening, educational, and bonding conference. Travel, Entertaining, Reading, and Family, occupy Kristin during her off time.

Beth- Home Stories A to Z
Beth Hunter is the author of www.HomeStoriesAtoZ.com, a decorating blog for those who possess more creativity than dollars. Growing up, Beth moved around a lot and was encouraged to redecorate her bedroom in each new home. This began a life-long love affair with creating beautiful spaces. Although Beth’s professional background is in counseling, her talent for decorating has opened doors and allowed her to follow her dreams! Beth has been blogging since January 2008 and supports her family as a full-time blogger. When Beth isn’t blogging, she is enjoying walks by the river with her husband and two little boys, Asher and Zephan (the A to Z in her blog title).

Chris- Just A Girl
Chris is a high school English teacher who stays busy balancing her career and family. Throw in a passion for DIY, and it proves to be a crazy life at times! She buys herself cordless drills instead of shoes, and she reads articles on the best glue guns instead of lipstick. Providing her family with a comfortable and lovely home is her ultimate goal, but she doesn’t spend a lot of money doing it. Chris and her husband are a perfect example of “opposites attract”, yet they’ve been happily married for 16 years. They have two perfect children, and she’s very thankful that they support her crazy hobby.


Sarah-Thrifty Decor Chick
Sarah has been blogging about thrifty home decor and DIY projects at Thrifty Decor Chick since 2008. After ten years working in the marketing and PR field, she switched careers after her son was born and followed her dream and pursue a career in decorating. But after two years of decorating for others, she fell more and more in love with decorating her own home and sharing the process with her blog readers. It was then that Thrifty Decor Chick really blossomed, and she’s been trying to keep up ever since. Sarah lives in central Indiana with her amazingly supportive husband, four-year-old son and her 21-year-old stepdaughter. Blogging has changed her life for the better in more ways than she can count.

Traci-Beneath My Heart
One of Traci’s favorite things about being an elementary school teacher was decorating and rearranging the furniture in her classroom. So it is no surprise to the people who know her that she now has a DIY decorating blog,  Beneath My Heart. Being a stay at home mom for the past 12 years and learning to raise her 4 boys on just her husband’s income has caused Traci to think outside the box. She loves finding treasures at thrift stores and giving them new life. Her blog is full of DIY home projects that cost very little money, and her motto is, “Why buy it, when you can make it?!”  Traci’s husband is her DIY partner in crime, and you will often find her 4 boys joining in the fun on her blog too! She loves running, daily stops at Goodwill, and believes a large coke from McDonald’s is a spiritual thing.

Kristi- Creative Kristi

Haven Site Manager

Kristi has been blogging since 2008 when she found herself a stay-at-home Mom with a deployed husband. Sewing, crafting & DIY have always been hobbies for her from a young age. She never imagined that blogging about it would become her profession and passion. With a background in business & hospitality management she finds that she uses her degree daily either as a home manager or a business owner. Kristi lives in Maine with her husband, 7 year old son, 4 year old & 16 month old daughters. In February 2011 Kristi opened Creative Kristi Designs to help other bloggers afford the blog design of their dreams. She is happy to be back for the 4th year with the Haven team!